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What if polygraph machines are implemented in courts and police stations ?????

Nowadays, the judgement is given only on the basis of proof. verifying the proof's will be so difficult as there are some proofs related to government and some corrupted government officials prepare these duplicate evidence or proofs for the sake of money.My idea is "The polygraph machines are used only for big causes and under critical situations.This results in perfect judgement for some cases only.What if the polygraph tests are performed for the persons who are involved in the particular not only on the accused and on the witnesses but also on lawyers handling the case???"
Truth is meant for all and it must be protected by people and for people.Expecting your suggestions....

  • Jul 13 2011: Polygragphs can be useful in certain instances such as: volunteer agreement in lieu of contractual finalization. Basically for investigational purposes for those who choose. Never mandatory for "clearance" but availability for the presumed innocent. (saves time, money, and resources).
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    Jul 12 2011: polygraphs are not reliable.