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Why we aren´t happy in our jobs?

Maybe most of us should say my boss, u lnow, is the worst boss od the world, he/she don´t know how to order, or delagate, or motivate me. Maybe we should say my partners are the wrost of the world, just want to blame me on every problem.

But what we do to contribute to the others hapiness?

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    Jul 12 2011: Ourselves, there can be no other excuse. Blaming someone else for your unhappiness is an all to common vice. What frustrates me about my job? My boss, my co-workers, my customers, the hours, the pay, the poor office air quality. Despite frustrations it is my duty to find happiness for myself.
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    Jul 12 2011: I always ask people who ask me this question :
    Why do you keep the job if you're not happy about it ?
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      Jul 13 2011: Well Judge Pau in Spain the situation of our work markest is not easy, so is not an option leave your job, because you will not get any other.

      But anyway, the question is not about i dont like my job then i feel unhappy, no, the question is than in most of the organizations people make the other unhappy, but at the same time they are unhappy for the same reason.

      So what can we do to change this.
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        Jul 13 2011: We can't.
        As Mr. Scheidler put it... you can only change yourself. You can't change people.
        The best effort I could think of is we can be friends with them. Try to understand them. If you by any chance find out why they are unhappy, THEN we probably could do something about it.

        Whatever you do, don't do it because you have to. Make sure it is something you want.
        Good luck.