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What’s a trend happening now that we should be aware of?

This afternoon at TED U, as the stage was being set up for a musical performance by Somi, host June Cohen asked the audience at the Lyceum Theater: “What’s a trend happening now that we should be aware of?”

What do you think?

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    Jul 13 2011: Not a trend as such, but a change that potentially brings about hundreds of new trends:

    -- the stellar rise of an African middle class. --

    I've seen youngsters in Douala and Kinshasa doing things with fashion and mobile technology that would be seen as very trendy over here in Europe.

    And this is only the beginning.

    The rapid rise of Africa will take all of us by surprise.
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      Jul 13 2011: Hi Laurens, I read about the impact of mobiles on economic activity, and how huge it is. Do u think the political instability (i have a bit of an african background, but not deep insight) will allow the rise u write about and/or is this true only for a few countries and if yes which ones? thanks a lot for ur insight!!
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        Jul 13 2011: Not that I'm an Africa-expert, but I've lived in Congo and Cameroon for years now.

        I think political instability is a major factor in fostering creativity (contradictory as this may sound).

        Just one example: recently, in Kinshasa, there was a very popular song, with some sexual undertones. The government has banned it (as does often). So now everybody's finding new ways of sharing and playing it in public, - in hidden, creative, stealthy ways.
        When political instability takes out communication networks (as it has been the case often in Africa, but now also in the Middle East), new technologies pop up. I think of the creation of "illegal" ad-hoc networks made by very little means.

        In short, political instability is not always counter to creativity. Economic desperation isn't either, it's rather an engine of it.

        Of course, for a genuine middle class to arise, there needs to be a level of economic and political calm and prosperity. This calm is growing all over the continent. The number of wars and political conflicts has gone down dramatically since the 1980s. But often, we only get to see news about war and misery when we watch our media reporting on Africa.

        That's why I think Africa's rise will surprise us. The bulk of countries there are rapidly creating middle classes, have stability on most fronts, and are growing economically at stellar rates.

        Ask any serious international stock portfolio manager, and you'll find stocks of at least the Nigerian, Ghanaian, and Namibian exchanges in that portfolio. Not that I like stock markets, but it's a signal for growing stability and a transition towards countries that are growing and innovating.
  • Jul 13 2011: TRANSPARENCY that LIBERATES! ^^
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    Jul 12 2011: A minor trend of the return of story-telling in higher education
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      Jul 13 2011: Hi Mohit, i see this as well. I believe in the intuitive concept way of educating which story-telling and visualization for exmple are examples. Khan Academy is one example. I would like to know if anybody works on a plattform regarding this. I am located in Germany...
  • Jul 14 2011: Most Hospitals striving for Magnet Designation, an award for nursing staff based from 14 principles of Florence Nightingale. Florence Nightingale views medicine as a tool to remove an obstacle to healing and nurses have the position to put the patient then in the best possible position to allow nature to heal. It's a trend worth noticing, the power of nurses to change the tides of healthcare in america is there- we just need to be a voice
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    Jul 13 2011: anybody can share some insight on pre birth genetic analysis and business models (ethical???) that already develop around it...I believe that the "manipulation" of the genetic code/base will be so enticing for people that this will be one big trend, when you look on need of control and technology applied, thx
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    Jul 13 2011: A negative trend is "The secret world of child brides", I made a conversation about it.
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      Jul 13 2011: What's the meaning of this!?

      Edit: I've flagged the comment since I feel that It's a personal assault on Jam!

      Edit2: or am I wrong by doing this? I interpreted your comment as "She's a slut", if that's not the case I apologize.
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        Jul 14 2011: Jimmy. Absolutely no offence or intended.. I made 12 pots of jam for my wedding last month. It's a genuine trend and although I don't knit a number of my friends profess to quite enjoying it..... I'll use less punctuation and avoid ambiguity in future...!
    • Jul 13 2011: Being under the impression that the word ‘transparency’ is widely understood as openness, communication, and accountability, I am disheartened to say that what Mr.Newton wrote is such an awful display of male chauvinistic idiosyncrasy!

      I am always grateful for Jimmy for the kindness and courtesy.

      I request Mr. Newton to see this blog from which this conversation is inspired.
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        Jul 14 2011: Jam, I refer to my reply to Jimmy... I genuinely do make Jam...
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    Jul 13 2011: obesity, hunger, poverty, extreme wealth, materialism, exponential population growth, global warming, political corruption, urban expansion, energy consumption, resources wasted, rising oceans, deforestation, riots, religious segregation, poor air quality, war, racism, greed, etc, etc, etc.

    Unity, Compromise, Hope......?
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    Jul 13 2011: I can only contribute on the field I'm in...

    Virtualization and Network convergence
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    Jul 12 2011: Sustainability practices creeping into engineering curriculi