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What is your talent?

Rick Warren's Talk on a life of purpose is one of the first I watched on a few years ago now. My take from the Talk is "how are you using your talent and influence to do good?"

I believe we all have talents and certainly all have our own spheres of influence. So the question to you is... What is your talent, and how are you using it to do good?

Note: I would like to leave religious considerations out of scope as I would like all to participate, regardless of our individual beliefs.

  • Jul 15 2011: To be me...
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    Jul 12 2011: I have an amazing visual processing speed, I can see masked stimuli at 80milliseconds instead of the average 120milliseconds... (they found this during a psychological learning experiment)

    I haven't found any use of it though ;-)
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    Jul 22 2011: I have a talent for organising, for assessing and evaluation, and for strategic planning. I have a passion for non-profit and grass roots organisations. Boring, eh? I use my talent in Volunteer Coordination, in volunteering (A LOT) in small but whorthwile non-profit groups, and to try to get others involved as well. I also have a blog:, which celebrates and supports civic and political involvement. I doubt this will be anywhere as interesting as some of the responses, but it is rewarding, and I do make a difference.
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    Jul 22 2011: curiosity
  • Jul 22 2011: I have the talent to heal people by using Qi (chi ) transmission. I am using this to heal or at least relieve pain and sufferings of others both on a community charity and charge basis.When healed or relieved. You can see smiling / disbelief faces . This is another way of convincing the people that there are other alternatives to drugs , pills and knives/ radiation. Qi treatment is painless and has no side-effects.Cases like a person who can't laugh ( will get pain and swollen neck) are not treatable by western science, non-stop blinking eyes, itchy/teary eyes, crooked spine, uneven shoulder/hip/shoulderback, back pain , numbness, pain after surgery due to accidents have been healed successfully. Issues on Enlargement of prostrate ( which I had) also had been proven without surgery / sideeffects.

    I learnt Qigong and Medical Qigong since 1997.

    I view this as a contribution to mankind as well.
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    Jul 19 2011: Music. I love writing and recording music. I've included a link to my latest recording.
  • Jul 19 2011: You've never had jalapeno poppers until you've had MY jalapeno poppers. I write a bit, too, but that's nothing compared to delicious, bacon-wrapped peppers.
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    Jul 13 2011: I think/know I have many talents... I consider my way of communicating as one of my greatest talents...
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    Jul 19 2011: Music would be the sphere of influence, and my talent would be being able to listen to a song on the radio and pick it out before the song is over,

    haven't found a use for it yet either....
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    Jul 19 2011: Being in a band
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    Jul 15 2011: I am a poet/spoken word artist. I hold myself in somewhat high regard, there are tons of people better than me, but I can hold my own, probably. There is a link to my website on my profile where you can read my work and judge for yourself.
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    Jul 13 2011: logical analysis