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Do you teach your children to win, or to do their best?

As Mr. Wooden exemplifies, by example is always the best way to teach and to learn. I grew up feeding on competition. If people are ever going to be happy, that American attitude has to change. The USA woman's soccer team beat Brazil yesterday in the World Cup by scoring a last second goal and winning in a shootout. The mood after the game was electric. Players talked about the "American Spirit". How we endure to the end... I couldn't help but think that the total joy or sadness felt by by everyone involved hinged on a single moment at the end of the game. The journey was only "worth it" because they won. I don't think it would have felt the same if the US had lost. It would have been a tragic failure. That is our culture in the United States. That's how I lived and breathed when I was growing up. I needed to be the best at everything. If I wasn't, I was a loser, and that made me feel sad. That concept is wrong. I can never be happy by comparing myself to others. I can only do my best. I need to change my mind set about this. I want to teach my daughter through example. I don't expect her teachers and coaches to do it for me, and neither should you. Not everyone is John Wooden. Until a major movement has swept over the country about the definition of success, it is up to us to teach our children how to be happy and be examples of true success.


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  • Jul 12 2011: Teach your children to do their best, and they will win. And if they don't win, they will be less sad because they give their best. By doing your best, you will develop yourself on a better way. By always wanting to win, you will be obsessed and you don't care, you just want to win.. All the time. Always wanting to win is good, but giving the best you have is even better. That shows real maturity and character. And just because of that ; You are a winner by giving your best :)

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