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Is 'sharing TED talks" just another form of evangelism?

I've seen a few discussion here that revolve around the question of getting the 'good word' out about TEDtalks to our friends, family and co-workers. The language accompanying these discussions tends to remind me of the language one hears when dealing with the religiously motivated. Are we who want to 'spread the word' of TED simply yet another group who want to spread our 'gospel' or is there something fundamentally different (dare I say better) about those who try to spread the messages we see here than those who represent religious factions?


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    Jul 18 2011: In terms of passion, I suppose you're right... in terms of approach though, I don't think so. The TED approach is show&tell, the religious approach is make-believe (also known as "pretend"). TED relies on results (physical, explanatory or political), religion relies on popularity and authority.

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