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Any Talk (or other materials) you would recommend on bullies in the workplace?

We spend a significant amount of time at work, with people we most often haven't selected. Some you bond with (and effectively co-laborate), some you ignore (or simply have no business with), and amongst the others there are bullies... Is there any Talk (or high quality materials available online) you would recommend on the subject?


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    Jul 12 2011: Most bullies will cringe if you "go public". The scorn of the moral majority has some merit when dealing with these sorts of people.
    • Jul 12 2011: Scott, thanks for your reply. I believe this may well depend on organizational and possibly location-specific culture, but before all, it depends very much on the bullied ability to "go public"... After all, he/she takes the risk of being further mocked or bullied... at least there is a high likelihood the bullied perceives it that way! Thanks again for contributing.

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