This conversation is closed. fuel is 50 cents a liter and zero emissions. We can all make our own fuel and get rid of BigOil and pollution. No more oil wars.

There is a new machine which lets anyone make there own fuel at home from air and water. We can free ourselves from the grip of big oil and lower our fuel cost. GreenNH3 will get rid of the need to drill and spill oil in water and land. No more need for oil wars. No more need to waste fuel or energy hauling fuel around. Because there will be no more carbon emissions, pollution should start to reverse for sure and for those that believe in climate change, it should reverse also. Because we can all become self sufficient, it can give us peace of mind. Remote areas of Africa and Canada ect can be self sufficient for fuel and because it is also a fertilizer can start to move ahead because they are self sufficient and not have to pay out money for fuel or fertilizer. New industries can make rural people money building and maintaining fuel machines in all parts of the world.

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    Jul 25 2011: if you plug it into the electric grid, you still use fossils. if we switch to nuclear or other zero-carbon, then i fail to see why ammonia is better than, say, artificial methane or methanol.
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    Jul 25 2011: Roger, what is the toal cost efficiency? how much does the machine cost and how can we implement it in local, national and global level?
  • Jul 15 2011: As a scientist I am shocked there is no government or large investor grabbing at this technology. With over 4 billion dollars of fossil fuel being purchased daily and no other viable replacement in sight, how can this not be a good investment ??
    Come on people there must be someone out there that can recognise a good thing..