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Have you made someone smile today?

If you made someone smile, what did you do?

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    Jul 18 2011: i made him smile after a long was "me" ....and i think music made that..!!!
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    • Jul 12 2011: Making someone smile is the best gift you can give. The rewards are priceless. You never know, it could develope into friendships for ever.
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    Jul 12 2011: Crack a joke. Be self-defecating..
    • Jul 12 2011: I'm not sure you would see if the person was smiling or not. They would be either holding their nose or handing you a package of diapers. .... Oh, by the way, What size do you normally wear? Just in case. : )
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        Jul 12 2011: I roll commando style..
        • Jul 12 2011: All right then.... mop and bucket it shall be.....
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    Jul 11 2011: I make it a main goal in my life to make both my children and my wife smile atleast once a day by something I do or say. It works especially well if they are having a bad day or feel particularly down about something and I can find it in myself to do something absolutely crazy!
    • Jul 11 2011: What about strangers? Have you made a stranger smile lately?
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        Jul 12 2011: I hope that atleast one person smiles at one of my comments on TED each day!
        • Jul 12 2011: I know you made me smile. Thank you for your comment.