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Should knowledge be only calculated on the basis of marks one gets or there is something much more important than just marks ?....

nowadays ones knowledge is calculated on the basis of marks ,should there be a way which looks at the way how one applies what he/she knows throughout a period of activities and not just couple of hours...

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    Jul 12 2011: Non cognitive skills like negotiation, persistence, hard work, etc. I personally know so many colleagues and former classmates who extremely well in academic pursuits but stumbled in work life. So academic excellence alone is not the best measure, but sometimes it is seen as a proxy for some of the non-cognitive skills. For instance if you scored well in school, you must have been hard working. A flawed assumption, but widely accepted.

    Education systems across the world are grappling with this. In India, HOTS or Higher Order Thinking Skills was made a part of the assessment process but with limited success.

    A system that is objective yet broad-spectrum is like the Holy Grail. We are all looking for it.
  • Jul 11 2011: Understanding and original thought
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    Jul 11 2011: Marks at best can say how much one could memorize then vomit efficiently on exam paper. Even then it can't say exact about that as well either it says more or less about the same on the moment of truth only (meant exam time)
    • Jul 11 2011: Salim, usually I say "memorize and regurgitate". I have to say I was amused when I read your expression - even more blunt than mine. It really is no laughing matter but thanks for the chuckle anyway :-)
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        Jul 12 2011: Julie , your expression is much polished :)
        I know my development area is "not to be blunt", try to be so , but at times it jumps out.
        Thanks for your note.
  • Jul 11 2011: hey you are right. This is what exactly happening now. But I think it should stop. No one can judge one on their marks . After all marks are just numbers . It has nothing to knowledge.