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Can relying on one service provider (eg Google), for all kinds internet usage, may lend us in trouble, if we consider future aspects?

We Surf, search, upload, chat, download, email, econference, live stream, webcast, blog, share documents, view, information so many things, sometimes relying soley on one service provider(lets say google here). Our searching habits and history, chat history and so many other things are saved for our convinience in case we needed it later. Search results are customized on the basis of our searching history. For general users, it may be of less concern, but if somebody becomes famous in the coming decades, the service provider will be having very intergral details about the person and his personality traits, and may also make a virtual person, who can behave, respond the same way as original one, might be through the use of advance artificial intelligence. This is something scary as well as an insane thought. I would like to discuss this amoung the TED members, that either relying on one online service provider for all the major services is good option or using different providers for different usage might be a good idea. Facebook for social networking, yahoo for chat, skype for video calls and so on.. or may be by using some open source platforms.

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    Jul 20 2011: Absolutely.
    Single point of failure.
    That's what antirust and antimonopoly law address.
    People always think I'm joking when I tell them if google is down, IT people's competency will drop.
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      Jul 20 2011: Hi Judge, When I share same concern among people, they also think that I am kidding, but none of them gave it a deep thought. Its in human nature, as long as everything is fine, we will not bother to think about it. An example of this is the plan of nuclear power withdrawl by some countries after Fukushima disaster. It is an interesting thing to explore that what was exactly in their minds before the Tsunami.