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How would you describe the purpose of life in one sentence?

What is the purpose of life? This is kind of a question where there is no exact answer, and it differers from one person to another. What is the purpose of life in your own understanding, from your own point of view? The answer might be a complicated and long, or concise and short. But how would you state it in one single sentence?


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    Feb 25 2011: An inspired man in the great era of about 600 B.C. already answered that question. he said:

    "Men are that they might have Joy."

    Certainly there are other purposes for this specific existence (earth life) but I think a fulfillment of joy is at the core of our reason for existing.
    • Feb 25 2011: I'm glad you brought this up.

      Having fun is the only reason anyone 'stays alive' really.
      Even in the most difficult times, people don't quit, and it's because at some point in their lives they experienced some form of 'joy' and THAT is what they either know will come or hope for, so it's subconsciously what keeps them going. If there was no idea of 'joy' to live for, they wouldn't.

      This could be simply my opinion so I won't elaborate, but of the lives I've tried to lift, this has always been the deepest reachable understanding. It seems to be what makes us 'human' more than give credit for.
      Though I'd credit a balance of practicality and empathy to answering the questions 'Who am I and how do I be me/be happy with me?' and 'How do I be happy?' more than anything. :)
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        Feb 28 2011: good point. and I think we both believe that as people grow (grow up, and mature and grow spiritually) they find "joy" in different things.

        as children they find joy in childish things - selfish things - and as adults hopefully they put away those childish things and thereby naturally find joy in lasting things such as joy in a happy spouse and joy in growing children.

        yes people exist to have joy, and as you said that joy is a powerful motivating force but true joy is achieved by looking outside one's self - almost pretending one's self doesn't exist. ironic isn't it?
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          Mar 1 2011: very ironic but also very truth

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