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How would you describe the purpose of life in one sentence?

What is the purpose of life? This is kind of a question where there is no exact answer, and it differers from one person to another. What is the purpose of life in your own understanding, from your own point of view? The answer might be a complicated and long, or concise and short. But how would you state it in one single sentence?


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      Feb 25 2011: Type of this question is a question as what is means. I just let people decide what kind of question is this, and let them interpret it in their own way.
      Each person has unique mind, therefore I do not expect answers of some specific kind or category.

      If you are curious about why I asked this question, there are two main purposes of this question.
      One of them is that while observing answers, I will get to know a little bit more about what kind of minds do we have in this world. Second one, and most important one is that, if people see this question and if they take a moment or even an instance of time to think about their purpose of life, it may change their life.

      No one has ever asked me this particular question. Therefore, I wanted to ask it from everyone.

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