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Have a way to measure the impact of TED for the audience.

I believe that TED is alreay proved to be a great inspirational platform for people world wide. I was thinking that now it is the time to confirm this by developing a measurement tool for the impact, for the actions that people are taking after taking part to a TED event, or watching TED talks online.


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    Jul 21 2011: I think this is a great question and would love to know about the impact of TED. However, I dont think assessing TED's impact is not a straight forward task. It is worth to conduct a complex program evaluation study though. There is a high risk of over- and under-rating.
    Some measures such as number of listeners do not tell much because we do not know whether listeners got anything from TED. On the other hand looking at comments of the listeners may tell us a part of the story but not everything.
    Looking at the "number of contacts between the people who met at TED, and start-ups or support between them" can be useful but we need to look further and see so how these contacts was useful.
    I can see a PhD thesis opportunity here. A qualitative and exploratory inquiry can be a good starting point.
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      Jul 22 2011: Like the idea with the thesis so that one can explore multiple ways to measure - both quantitative and qualitative impact.

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