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Have a way to measure the impact of TED for the audience.

I believe that TED is alreay proved to be a great inspirational platform for people world wide. I was thinking that now it is the time to confirm this by developing a measurement tool for the impact, for the actions that people are taking after taking part to a TED event, or watching TED talks online.


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    Jul 13 2011: Mihail,

    I don't have any good idea for your question... I think what your purposing requires monitoring what everyone does, all the time...
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      Jul 15 2011: I was rather thinking that each person could have a way to maintain a self monitoring process...on a predefined TED page.
      e.g.: After watching http://www.ted.com/talks/sir_ken_robinson_bring_on_the_revolution.html I decided to look for an organisation in my city/country that is working on such project. Let's say I found one and now I am volunteering / working for them to develop this alternative educational system. It would be cool to have a section at each video where people could leave their specific comments on "The impact of this TED video in my life / society."

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