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Privacy on the internet - The good, the bad or the confused ?

The internet is a network.
A network by definition is meant to share things. Which is why the machine hosting what's been shared is called a Server. To serve. It is meant to interconnect. To access each other. To find .. ok google... each other and anything,
Privacy is quite the opposite. If internet is a highway, privacy is the walls... the road blocks.. the stop signs. People who do business on the internet is like a shop owner who insist he has the right to display his good on the street instead of in the shop like it's meant to be. Similarly people who put private stuff on the internet is like a couple who hates to be seen kissing, but insist they want to do it in the park.
Internet is public.
Anything more is asking for it.
No ?
Educate me.


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  • Jul 24 2011: well there are different ways of sharing, you can share embarassing things between friends, or share something publicly... there's shouting at the top of your lungs in hyde park or whisper something to your partner in a corner. you have thesse options, people should be able to choose to whom they share. that's my take on it.

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