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how many books you read during a month? how many films you watch during a month?

i think the people who watch tv or film moor than reading can't make dicision in real life...

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    Aug 2 2011: Hi , i think it takes on average to read a book of 200 pages ((cultured person)) between 4-5 hour , however to watch a film it just takes 2 hours maximum not only less time but also more fun ;)
    any way I read 10-12 book per month and about 18 films
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    Jul 11 2011: books-1-2
    films- 10-15

    oh look, i decided on what my answere is....but TED is not real life..i gues..
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    Jul 11 2011: I don't think that is a fair assumption.
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      Jul 11 2011: Hi my friend
      you are right .because i could'nt ask my question properly....