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What do you think of Google plus? especially it's idea about circles?

Google's new social networking site may help social relations in actual life grow? At least that is the idea behind social circles.

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    Jul 11 2011: Seems that I've talked too soon. I've just read an article (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/43705078/ns/business-motley_fool/) that says exactly the opposite of my opinion and it does, in fact, seem right. Nevertheless, I stand by my opinion in what regards the concept of a better social network with the idea of the circles or even an improved list system in Facebook.
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    Jul 11 2011: I have also joined Google+ just two days back and checking out its funtionality. Google has expanded Facebook's list concept by bringing in Circles, which obviously a big add on. Besides most of the people will also like hangout feature.While most of the facebook users already have gmail account, it will also add members in Google+. while all this social media is creating a new virtual engaging world, I am also concerned about the matter we share, search, upload, discuss, chat, mail, view and so on. Lets say if one becomes an eminent personality who is recongnized worldwide after one or two decades, just imagine the record of information google will be having about that perticular person. It will be possible to create a virtual personality on the basis of these records, and artificial intelligence is also progessing with the same pace. All I am trying to project here is over reliance on one service provider may be insane, one may find himself/herself in complete mess, in case of any security breach, or may be because of any dishonestly. Yahoo for chat, Facebook for social networking, Twitter for sharing thoughts, Gmail for mailing client and so many other platforms for different kind of needs, keeping internet usage diversified may be helpful.
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    Jul 11 2011: By chance, I've joined Google + today and got the opportunity to see in a better way the idea of the circles.

    In a general way I believe that Google + brings something new to the social media context. I believe that right now Facebook and twitter are our references and Google + kind of blends it together a bit. Perhaps, not so much about twitter because of its very specific genre. However, in what concerns Facebook, at a first sight Google gets the upper hand because it addresses the point of the security and privacy that Facebook is so much criticized about.

    The idea of the circles is really great, I think, and something that Facebook hinted a bit with its lists but that Google now uses fully, and that might make a difference, specially with the concern of explaining things step by step as Google + does.

    Regarding your question about the circles helping social relations in real life, I'm not so sure, maybe its not so problematic as Facebook and its privacy issues, but really improving social relations I'm still a bit skeptical in spite of admitting that the simple share of information might improve some how social relations. Nevertheless, maybe now the new social topic might be in which circle did you included some one in...