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What are your thoughts about the end of the shuttle program and the laying off of most of those who worked on the shuttle program?

I have heard that after the moon exploration program, much of the expertise was lost because we did not follow up and put that expertise to work. Are we about to do the same thing? We have invested a lot in developing the expertise. Are we now going to squander it?


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  • Jul 26 2011: Misplaced priorities would be one way to put it. But then, the sense of Paranoia that Man has about the present world they live in would make us even more more suspicious of exploration (space or sea). In a perfect world, the largest amounof funds would go into education, environment , Medicine and Research (not necessrily in the same order)

    But we wont live in a perfect world. And the shuttle program is probably on the backburner for a while now. Hopefully , i am wrong

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