mojtaba azari

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do you blieve that man can be billioner with no money at start? i think it is just a PURPORST.

i saw many article about how you can start your bisness with no money. but i think they are not true . and i blieve like albert einstin that he said you must can explain physic to each person..... the writer be lasy and use **you must take risk** instead of research for solve each bisness problem.

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    Jul 27 2011: Mojtaba, great business start with great ideas. When you set up a business to serve by making a product or selling a product or service, money comes naturally.
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    Aug 5 2011: J Paul Getty started with little money and became a millionaire during his life time in the oil industry. Many millionaires and billionaires started with a little money and a big idea that they believed in. Some made it big and failed and started over again. Some made it big and stayed there. Some made it big and failed and are lost to history. The common themes is that they made it big through hard work, sticking with the dream, trying over every time they failed, and believing in themselves. Your belief of research is a good one and all the really rich people did a lot of it before, during and after they were wealthy. One thing that I learned from reading the life of J Paul Getty is that wealth in not cash in hand all the time. It is the value of the product, business, contacts, customers that could be turned into cash if they could all do that at one moment. Look around you at those that are wealthy and see if they are all cash in the bank or is it the value of the business if they could sell it. May I recommend you forget about the TV ads. They are there to make the advertisers money. May I suggest you read the lives of people like J Paul Getty, Bill Gates, Mary Kay, the founders of successful companies both presently and in the past. There you will learn how to become wealthy in a way that is not quick and not easy but if done well will last a life time