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My question to you good people is: How do you co-create/co-develop with others, and is this way of working through necessity or choice?

I am exploring how people are working together in new collaborative environments, using more open business models.

1.Have you ever developed new and creative ideas with others outwith your own company for a project, i.e. product or process?

2.If so, is this sort of collaboration a common occurrence for your company or something which only happens rarely?

3.Can you give an example? Prompts. a) Were you working on a known problem, where you could pick from existing solutions or did you come up with a unique solution? b) Were partners also from the creative sector or from other industries? c) If there was a brief, how defined was it and who made it? d) What were the reasons for /context of the project?

4.What was the process like? Prompts. a) Who was lead on the project and what was their style like? b) was their an identified goal or was finding the solution part of the process? c) How were partners identified and what were the reasons for choosing the partners that were selected (did you do this or someone else)? d) How did communications work/how did you work together?

5.How did rewards/risks get shared?

6.With hindsight, would there have been a better way of working rather than this type of collaborative working?

7.Is this partnership co-creation/co-development a process your company feels comfortable doing? Do you experience any common risks/difficulties in working like this? Do the benefits usually outweigh the risks?

8.If money was no object would you still work like this or would you ultimately prefer to take these projects 'in-house'? Are their benefits to working with others outwith your own company? Are their drawbacks?

Any insights appreciated!

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    Jul 10 2011: Your detail questions are too specific for me to answer so I just answer the one on your title.
    Your second question to me is actually the answer to your first.
    I co-create / co -develop stuff with people when there is a common necessity.
    Choice is inherent when we determine what's necessary.