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Does the Over Mind Theory Work?

I came across an idea the other day about Over Mind Control. Meaning if you have 1 mind controlling many and if that one mind told you to make body alterations such as adding muscle mass or something extreme as changing DNA Coding would mass adapting at high speeds be posable?

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    Jul 10 2011: Joseph, this sounds like a very interesting topic, but I think we need some more information (at least I do!): where have you found this Over Mind Control idea? Are there any other areas except for body alterations where you could apply this scheme, such as avoiding sweets, quitting smokind and so on?
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      Jul 10 2011: How i came across something like this is by Observation and taking a simple idea and enlarging it. I was talking to my doctor and he was saying that 80 - 85% of everything from our body mass to our psychological habits is because of our brain telling us it is this way. So i did some experiments that are really simple. I gave my friend a bowl of soup and told him after he ate it that it was old and got rid of the can. (Note: The can was not old) However because he could not prove that the can was or was not old he had to rely on what i told him. Later that night there was a awful mess. I than decided to do a more extreme approach to this idea. After making a discovery about food companies that promise weight loss my mind was blown wide open. Turns out when you freeze food either prepared by hand or not it looses all nutritional Values. So how do people loose weight on this stuff. Well if they see a add that says eat this and you will loose weight, your brain will say the same thing. Brain says i loose weight body can not argue. I lost 100 pounds in 6 months and this was just eating normal food. So suppose that i controlled your brain Simone and told you that you will no longer smoke, you have no choice but to say ok. But we will take a step farther and i will tell you that you have no addictions any more. You have no choice but to believe me. I am your brain. This is Over-mind theory it is one brain controlling many people. So the answer is yes it can cure illness it can stop you from smoking because there is nothing in your mind saying other wise.