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how can use and share peopl's EXPERIENCE ?

ted is the one of the best places to see EXPERIENCEs and our mind chalange with these and try to find a way to use these EXPERIENCEs automatically.buuuuuut there is problem.... CULTURE of other countries..yes ..for use EXPERIENCEs at first you should analyzing the EXPERIENCEs for any possible problem that will made this EXPERIENCEs.
i want to know ,how can use this these EXPERIENCEs whit no problem?

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    Jul 10 2011: hi my friend
    you mean ,should we make a big database with a powerful search engin?
    i though aboout that before , but there is onother thing ,change culture. yes ,most people dont using the expriences.
    i am waiting for moor your vision about chang culture.
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      Jul 10 2011: AHHhhhh... culture requires a more active initiative like gatherings, social activity, clubs (as in book clubs, study clubs... not night clubs :D) because effective culture change, in my limited experience, is through examples. But Examples can be a documentary and testimony. So... at the heart of the effort, documenting is still it.
      That's why information technology is at the center of it.
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    Jul 10 2011: By documenting that experience.
    And documenting is not merely recording... but categorizing (or tagging nowadays), referencing and classifying so it can be search easily and contextually.