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What are the most important cultural trends influencing our future behavior

Cultural trends such as sustainability, social networking or value-adjusting impact our behavior and attitudes. If we catch them early we can adjust the messages, offerings and services provided that are useful to society. What are the emerging trends that will lead to sea-changes?


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    Jul 9 2011: Global connectivity ending up into a better mixture of mutiple cultures........

    More aware people about their impact on environment and society because of current thoughtless hyper consumption can bring a new trend of consumption, so increasingly people will look for more sustainable products........... hopefully
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      Jul 9 2011: I think you are correct and I believe more people will consume content and ideas more than material possessions in an environment of scarcity
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      Jul 16 2011: Salim, I think you have something in this post. To add to it, though, I think that more strongly aligned communities are arising based on interests rather than proximity. People of like mind who would never meet one another in real life have a chance to realize how much alike they really are. As evidence, I offer the fact that you and I, one from India and the other from Canada find ourselves in agreement much of the time. I often look for your posts and read your thoughts because I find them interesting and insightful. This is to me an new form of community that has never existed before.
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        Jul 16 2011: Absolutely right you are Debra.I also feel something else. Told you as some days I wasn't coming across your post , was thinking to email you.

        When Jaime left TED for sometime felt bad and what a collaborative gesture you offered !!

        Now a days as I don't see Tim Colgan feeling what happened to him , how can I connect with him?Richard Dawson , when comes up with his post of sharp logic with all his passion , I feel very good as if met him in pub or cafe

        Lindsay with her all empathy for third world countries, rebounds to some silly attitude , I feel she is my comrade in my fight against injustice....

        To mention few only ..... so somthing more deep is going on with this connectivity.
        I want to be very much to the point to my earlier post , so wanted to be just crsip

        Reallly pleased to hear that you read my post with interst !! Rememeber at the very begining we had a slight disagreement on some points :)

        Well you are supposed break out something about me as you told in one of Lindsays thread , where is that bomb now ?

        Small correction I am from Bangladesh (though right now outside my sweet home , due to professional reason).

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