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The standardization or the use of specific leading manners in Art concours is the same reflection as commiting the censorship by the media.

Talking about strictly identified definitions on arts and efforts to achieve so-called, "an ideal" art performance or art project is leading us to the same source of the censorship in the media. By thinking profoundly about the compassion of Theodor Adorno on this issue we could be able to observe the role of capitalism by means of its overall leadership on each sort of liberal expressionism. Our historical memory testifies that conservative art leaders which also had been known as "Elits" tried to identify the ideal art (or interpretations) by organizing international art concours or establishing academical systems in base of their own aesthetics. Secondly, if we concentrate on the term ''Ideal', we are faced with an abvious human`s life long ambition, simoltaneously, we are obiligated to point out the reality about this ambition. Freud defines the idealism as we`ve been seperated from our definitive unity(Mother), therefore, the man kind is never satisfied by the world around and is always looking for her complementary (ideal), so, necessarily the way each person tries to define her ideal is different and by lifting up a limited amount of ''elits'' to the power (who describe and identify Arts) which are under the power the overall leadership`s ideology of society ( Capitalism, Imperialism, Liberals,..) day by day we diminish(sort of Censorship)other new viewpoints on Arts by means of the periodic imaginative superiority.

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    Jul 9 2011: Real art is the creation of freedom of artist's mind.
    Any standardization is a barrier to that , which actually comes in forth for commercial reason mostly , as the factories need to have individual productto be same through standardization.
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    Jul 10 2011: .
    The very idea of a concours goes counter to art.

    That's why most contemporary efforts to "judge" art are futile, because they are driven by restrictive criteria (money, markets, prestige, status,...).

    Real art only has a connection with the artist's creativity, not with the outside world.
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    Jul 9 2011: It kind of like chicken and egg circle.
    Art often define as an attempt to imitate life (including people). But Art itself define the quality of life.
    Supposed it all depend on the purpose/mission of the artist.
    If he/she meant to have an impact on people then the "golden rule" shouldn't come as a problem.
    If he/she meant it solely as an expression... then he/she must stay true with his/her uniqueness which unfortunately could translate into a lonely path.