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"Guest Worker" Program

Individuals volunteer to work very brief stints at jobs they wouldnt normally do. For example, today I was wondering what it would be like to work on the staff of the hotel I am staying at. I have nothing to do with the hospitality industry but would like to have the perspective of walking a few hours in their shoes. I would be willing to clean a few rooms or answer the phones for a few hours to get that perpective and understand just what it involved in supporting my stay. In exchange, the hotel would get free labor. Think of all the random jobs you would like to have some insight into or wonder how they work. And think if you could be a "guest worker" at any of them, like a police department "ride-along" program, but anywhere.

A business model might work similarly to Stay4Free, where individuals build trust among potential partners through feedback, essentially peer-vetting the person. The project would have its own website and centralized place for matches to be scheduled and coordinated. Companies would get advertising and public exposure for their participation, as well as the free help (and potential recruits). Individuals who didnt perform, or were there for the wrong reasons, would be outted by the online comments of their employer hosts. Thus the website facilitator, as well as the participating business entities, would profit financially from individual desires to expand their personal horizons and see different perspectives.

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      Jul 9 2011: There is also help X which run on the same lines as wwoofing just it can apply to any work not just farms. I'm sure there are other groups as well. Many hostels will give you free board if you do so much work for them. It's all out there, it is not advertised though.
  • Jul 9 2011: Kate,

    Thanks for the insight and the link. I didnt realize that "wwoofing"was going on. I guess I would suggest that this concept be broadened to all forms of employment that are willing to participate, not just organic farming.

    Kind of like some of the reality shows on TV, but where anyone with credibility and sincerity can participate.