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Would everyone in prosperus Countries/Nations give up one days salary if it meant feeding the poor around the globe for a month?

What do you think? The issue is self-explanitory (I think :)

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    Jul 9 2011: .

    Because the "aid" and the "help the poor" industry is corrupt and perverse. It sustains hunger, poverty and inequality.

    And after that month, what do you suggest? That we spend another day's worth of our cash on that same industry? And the month thereafter? Same story? Ad infinitum.


    I would however donate an entire year's salary to programs that force governments in the South to invest in their own farmers.

    Because we all know that this is the way forward to food security.
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      Jul 11 2011: Laurens ,
      I think that what Neil was getting at was a that would you give up that salary if it definatly meant feeding the poor and not mean giving it to the 'aid' industry.

      I do however agree with you that not enough of this aid that is supposedly given to poorer countries with a starving population actually reaches those who need it the most.
    • Jul 11 2011: Excellent point. If it could be guaranteed that my money would go to actually help the hungry, I absolutely would give up 12 days salary to solve world hunger. But, as you have sadly pointed out, this is not the case.

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