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If you could ask God one question??? What would it be?

A reasonable question to ask you. You could frame it up as any divine entity or mega-whatever that would give you the answer..... What would you ask? :)

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    Jul 9 2011: How did you create this nature so beautiful ?
    • Jul 9 2011: God:
      only by saying it be so beautiful.
      when I Intend something only say it be and it becomes. like you create an Image in your mind only by Intend.
      • Eva M

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        Jul 9 2011: No, I cannot believe God would say something like that. It is too simplistic.
      • Eva M

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        Jul 10 2011: I didn't say God doesn't have absolute knowledge. I said your answer is too simplistic. And that is why I am not satisfied.

        The Creation of God is fabulous, beautiful, amazing. Each and every plant and animal, the colors, the lights, the matter of various forms. I think God would be interested in speaking in more detail about how it all has been created. I believe God is just as passionate a Creator as every human creator. We got this passion from somewhere!

        I don't know if you spoke with a human creator. They would tell you all about their work in details and with huge enthusiasm. And as much as I know God, He would as well. So in my view, you are misrepresenting God.

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