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If you could ask God one question??? What would it be?

A reasonable question to ask you. You could frame it up as any divine entity or mega-whatever that would give you the answer..... What would you ask? :)

  • Jul 17 2011: How?
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    Jul 13 2011: I would ask 'Why?".
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    Jul 10 2011: "God" to me is a lot of things, but more often than not it is the "whole of existence" and/or everything/anything.

    You just gave me a free question to ask the universe and beyond... So I would ask or question in the direction of universal connectivity.
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    Jul 10 2011: Dear S.R. the premise is about question.
    Why you are answering?
    What does that mean according to The Quran & Islamic belief system?
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    Jul 9 2011: How did you create this nature so beautiful ?
    • Jul 9 2011: God:
      only by saying it be so beautiful.
      when I Intend something only say it be and it becomes. like you create an Image in your mind only by Intend.
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        Jul 9 2011: No, I cannot believe God would say something like that. It is too simplistic.
      • Eva M

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        Jul 10 2011: I didn't say God doesn't have absolute knowledge. I said your answer is too simplistic. And that is why I am not satisfied.

        The Creation of God is fabulous, beautiful, amazing. Each and every plant and animal, the colors, the lights, the matter of various forms. I think God would be interested in speaking in more detail about how it all has been created. I believe God is just as passionate a Creator as every human creator. We got this passion from somewhere!

        I don't know if you spoke with a human creator. They would tell you all about their work in details and with huge enthusiasm. And as much as I know God, He would as well. So in my view, you are misrepresenting God.
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    Jul 9 2011: .
    My question to God:

    :: Why did You create evil, and why does it persist, knowing well that if You really existed and were All-Powerful, You have the capacity to end all evil. Why?

    And I would answer in His place:

    :: Is it because You are evil yourself?
    :: Or is it because You are merely an invention and reflection of ordinary mortal humans?
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      Jul 9 2011: Even Thomas Aquinas said that the saints need the sinners. How could you know your in the in-group without having an out-group?
      Not to sound rude, because I do not mean to be, but you question has no meaning. I think if it existed as some thing out side of us and could reply to small mouth noises it would say the same thing, the question has no meaning.

    • Jul 9 2011: Hi,
      I try to reply according Koran.

      "Why did You create evil"
      God: I created you to know me. you can only know me by my attributes. so I created goods according to my attributes. but goods have no meaning without evils. for example hot has no mean if no cold exist. so I created evils also.
      I can end evil but I do not want.
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    Jul 9 2011: Will I ever be happy?
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      Jul 9 2011: yes but you will also be sad. The more aware of your happiness the happier you will be.
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        Jul 9 2011: but the more aware I am of my life makes me even sadder...=(
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          Jul 14 2011: Muhammad, my friend. Email and tell me what's happening. I thought you were happy! Anthony's advice above is good. Life is more like a mountainous terrain- hills and valleys than it is like a plain.
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        Jul 9 2011: Anthony Bruni is God!
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          Jul 9 2011: Nope just filling in on weekends. Due to contract negotiation God now has a 3 day week down from 6 days. Anyways it not a bad gig, but I'm still keeping an eye out to see if something else comes along.
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    Jul 9 2011: Oh, so you do want a problem?
    • Jul 9 2011: God:
      I have no problem.
      nothing exist capable of making problem for me.
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        Jul 9 2011: Are you acting out the role of God here?

        Hence your grammar for using / God: ...

        If so, what I was doing was the same as you except my perspective was in reference to Neil Greco's proposition, "If you could ask God one question??? What would it be?".
        I simply played a game by acting as the interviewee and not as the interviewer as Greco was suggesting we should do. I strayed away from his post hoping it may bring another dimension to it with out too much conflation.
        If you were to ask God — God, what question should I ask you? I made a joke by stating he would say, Oh, so you do want a problem?
        • Jul 10 2011: I have no Important question from God.
          because God replied all my questions.

          but if want to ask a question I ask:
          how many universe and world and people you have created before this one?
          also another question:
          please clear for me that Adam was created inside the chain of Evolution then you selected and gifted him as a special human or you created Adam as an exception out of Evolution chain?
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        Jul 10 2011: I see.
        I have a question for you, not God.

        Before you identified with a religion, what were you?

        • Jul 11 2011: "Before you identified with a religion, what were you?"
          please simplify this question.
          sorry my language is not English.
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        Jul 11 2011: You could have fooled me. Your English is very good. I was actually hoping to lean Arabic in school next semester. I think Calculus will be easier however...

        What I meant by saying "what were you before you identified with a religion" was that before you were aware of anything cultural, you were a child, right? It is not until we start to grow up a bit more that the pre-given answers of our culture begin to take shape and mold our minds.

        I am curious to hear how fragile you think thing culture is, as I believe culture creates necessary abstractions from what is the most real, experience. To me, experience is not something someone figured out or some idea, it is what it is, and everyone alive is doing it more or less with the same apparatuses. But for me, customs, religion, or any ideology, they all seem to take away or offend our humanness to some degree, because no idea about experience can completely encompass what has come before it. Do you not agree?

        I ask you this because your question above about Adam (referring to evolution) to God seems to me to be one question that I think you really can answer.
        • Jul 11 2011: "You could have fooled me. Your English is very good."
          thanks. but it has some bug.
          learning Arabic can change your life fundamentally. it is easier than calculus. a germsn saying says:
          hardest part of any Job is its start.
          this maybe helpful:

          "before you were aware of anything cultural, you were a child, right?"
          right. and before it I was baby and before a fetus and before a drop and before I was foods of my mother and before I was plant and before I was soil.

          I with you about culture. culture makes religions beliefs superstition deities morals behaviors customs and so on.

          culture can be changed by decision. culture is like being addicted to cigar and can be changed by decision.

          prophet Muhammad (PBUH) about this said:
          all children are born believers in God. but parents make them Muslim or Christian or atheist or other.

          "your question above about Adam (referring to evolution) to God seems to me to be one question that I think you really can answer."
          I believe both in Evolution and God and I am sure Evolution is designed by God as a method of creation. but really I do not know about the creation of Adam.
          the religious texts like Koran are not clear about this and both possibility seems truth in religious texts. but what really happened about Adam is still a puzzel and needs more research both in science and religion. but more possibility is that Adam was an exception out of other humans before Adam.

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        Jul 11 2011: As per the quote you stated from Muhammad: I on the other hand enjoy the one from Voltaire, it goes as follows:
        "To believe in God is impossible - to not believe in Him is absurd."

        The only god you can cling to is the idea of god. People who believe in god do not have any faith because they want something to hold onto. In fact many sermons are exhalations to have more faith, which means that we all recognize that we do not really believe in this. Real faith is when you do not hold onto anything anymore, this is called, in Christian mysticism, the cloud of unknowing.

        I like to think that to believe in anything at all automatically precludes you from believing its opposite. So through this act you forgo a vital element of freedom of thought.

        I strongly urge you to get this book and read it with a sense of sincerity yet with very open ears:

        Thank you for the link. My school actually offers a language course on Arabic. I do appreciate what you said about the hardest part being the start — I agree. :-)

        People get so confused about the argument between evolution and creation. First of all, we should, if we are to argue about this at all, swap the idea of evolution with abiogenesis and the grand field of cosmology. These two studies are much more accurate counterparts for this argument against creationism.

        Most people forget that science and our judicial systems came from religion (and religion from Shamanism [High Paleolithic]. Science kept the laws but got rid of the hypothesis of a God as it helped them not when predicting the future.
        It was the father of modern science, René Descartes, who had a dream where two angles came to him and said: "The conquest of nature shall be achieved through number and measure."
        After all, science and religion are looking for the same thing.
        • Jul 13 2011: I agree you with mysticism.
          it is good.
          but some people again decide to be believer after passing mysticism. but this time based on wisdom and research not based on blind following father.

          still with abiogenesis and the grand field of cosmology many questions remain like:
          why our universe has material or

          then new theories only determine the false parts of creationism beliefs but creationist is a wide range of beliefs and not all of them are disproved by science.
          I have this view about creation/evolution:
          assume and you want to make a robot. you have two way:
          1- making the robot directly.
          2- making robot R1. R1 makes R2 until R1000000000. also each robot for working needs energy and control and help from you. so we have a chain of robots which we call it Evolution.
          in my view evolution has no conflict with creation. although many false believes are known in the name of creation (like young earth,...)
          creation is making thing from nothing.

          "After all, science and religion are looking for the same thing. "
          I hope they agree on deciding if Hell exist or not before people die.
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        Jul 11 2011: Here is a basic excerpt of a theory of how human consciousness evolved from Terence McKenna:

        "A fruit eating arboreal primate because of a situation of spreading dryness in the environment evolved into a pack-hunting creature of the grasslands with an omnivorous diet. There was a unique confluence of factors present in the evolutionary situations that were capable of kindling this ontological transformation of what had previously been the animal mind."

        Serotonin and Psilocybin are not so different, in fact, the endogenies transmitter of Serotonin may have come from the many elements of the outside world of the organism such as Psilocybin. I think evolutionary scientists should look into Mutagenesis more often.

        • Jul 13 2011: yes
          also this book:

          but please note the fact is that human is the only animal that has wisdom and free will.
          why other animals do now have free will and wisdom?
          do animals have doubt for deciding to do a work or not?

          how free will made (evolved or other way) is not so important. the important is why only human has free will and wisdom? and does this make any responsibility for human?
        • Jul 14 2011: Iqbal,
          this is a paradox.
          you say this generally about God or only Allah? Allah is God only in Arabic.
          so what is the produce of wisdom and free will?
          what is the producer of Evolution?
          Evolution created or evolved?
          why evolution exist?
          why our universe has evolution?
          why evolution works so exact and planned during billions of years?
          Evolution evolved?
          all say how evolution works. but no one say why evolution works?
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        Jul 13 2011: I just wrote something, to what I believed was helpful — as per your last comment — but then my internet crashed and 2000 characters where gone. I cannot re-write it. I do not have the time. I highly suggest that you read the book from the link that I sent to you.
        I would love to hear your thoughts on it.
        Without having to re-write all of what I had written down just before, I could say in short, check out some of Benjamin Libet's experiments.
        • Jul 14 2011: OK
          I put that book in my reading list.
          now I am reading many books together.
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        Jul 14 2011: Iqbal, that is an insane theory. First of all, where is it writ large that talking monkeys (Homosapien) can know absolute metaphysical truth anyway?
        Free will, if anything, may very well be an illusion or trick played by the misunderstanding of the nature of the ego.
        Check out some of Benjamin Libet's experiments on free will, science has to some extend concluded this, so do not take my word for it. Unlike religion, science gets points for being wrong so keep a relatively open mind if you do decide to act on some research here.
        We have to be very careful with both of these cultural institutions, science and religion that is.
        Religion is the product of man's past development of trying to understand the world through the lens of mythology, and is, in short, a biological tendency to submit to an alpha male, not wisdom. Wisdom is the understanding of your union without ideas of the self or use of any other other convention.

        • Jul 14 2011: Dear Matt.
          I want to to challenge you two of your ideas. (if you interested)

          1- I disagree Abrahamic religions are invented by human. (but I agree they are much changed and deviated during history). for example it is impossible to Koran be produced by human at 1400 years ago in tribal community of Arabia where no paper used and only few people could write in all the Arabia with many silly scientific and religious beliefs of that time (they are too much).

          2- please consider first my define of wisdom:

          wisdom is the ability of controlling the wishes of self.
          also wisdom is potential and can grow very much. for growth of wisdom knowledge is needed. knowledge is needed for wisdom but wisdom is different of wisdom.

          sorry, you mean Benjamin Libet' says human does not have free will?
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        Jul 14 2011: It is true that at that time the Chinese were already knee deep in civilized development. The had the literacy of logic, hundred schools of philosophy, and law. Why God came to the desert where many people at that time were not as cognitively developed is beyond me; however, I cannot agree that there were only merely tribes at that point and in that location. Great civilizations roamed the various desert areas 2,300 years ago.
        To me, Abrahamic religions sound as much like a creation of man's imagination as, say, concrete chlorine filled swimming pools. Fundamentally, to me, they are immoral. And at the heart of this immorality, that of vicarious redemption, is provably inadequate for a thinking person.
        When you have the time, give a listen to this:

        I just cannot see why you think it was impossible 1,400 years ago for a few bright men in the desert to conjure up a doctrine such as the Koran. I mean, the Book of Changes is older than that, the Kabbalah scriptures, and so on.

        Wisdom: Humility and tolerance. A true fool, a true joker or rascal.
        Know thyself and know that you are the smartest human alive for you know one thing, that you know nothing, to quote two famous Greek philosophers.

        I just hate the doctrines of Abrahamic religions because it suggests that there is a boss or that the universe is geared towards a judicial system. All monotheistic religions create a feeling of separateness from nature and thus plant the seed for many to follow the one. That sounds like Kingship to me.
        But you will notice, as we all try to argue who's book is more divine in origin than the other we end up with an argument that is recursively regressing — that the advocate and the judge are in fact the same person.
        • Jul 15 2011: agree you about China. it had high science at time Islam started. even prophet said:
          "seek knowledge even from China"

          "Why God came to the desert "
          Islam came to desert. I do not know the exact reason but:
          1- God is not responsible to anyone and do anything wants.
          2- this can be to prove the power of Islam in worst situation. its is like proving quality of a product in worst condition to prove its high quality.

          "Great civilizations roamed the various desert areas 2,300 years ago."
          yes but not about Saudi Arabia. the nearest civilizations to Arabia at that time was Yemen.
          the Arabia was very tribal and primitive at that time and Islam revolutionized their culture. they even did not have WC and stool while standing and many tribal culture.

          i watched your YouTube but for my language I could not understand it. I am more familiar with text. what it says? I found him a fan of Buddhism.

          "I just cannot see why you think it was impossible 1,400 years ago for a few bright men in the desert to conjure "
          1- Koran is 180 degree different of beliefs of that time
          2- such bright men not existed there
          3- Muhammad (PBUH) did not write anything in his life. he was uneducated
          and more reasons

          Koran is different with Kabbalah. Koran is for 1400 years ago and should have at least one error.

          I defined wisdom here:

          anyway human is the only animal having wisdom.
          I did not understand finally what you mean by wisdom in your definition.

          what is a problem of having a boos? please note this boss is different. extreme merciful extreme donor extreme..

          "All monotheistic religions create a feeling of separateness from nature"
          I disagree this about Islam. Islam is friend of nature.

          "many to follow the one. '
          agree this. but follow one who is infallible with absolute knowledge.

          agree about your last paragraph
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    Jul 9 2011: What posessed you to invent Christians?
    • Jul 9 2011: God (possibly):
      I created all humans the same. they themselves make names for themselves.
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    Jul 9 2011: Do you have any proof that you exist..?
    • Jul 9 2011: God:
      I have many but I left this for you. refer to your wisdom.
      I gifted you wisdom and did not given this to animals.
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    Jul 9 2011: Why won't you leave?
    • Jul 9 2011: God:
      leave from where?
      I have no place. I am everywhere.
      I created place. place for me is not like place for you.
      you are limited in place but I am out of place.
      place is only for material. but I am not material so I have no place.
      also I created time.
      time and place can not take me.
      i have no age
      I have no start
      I have no end
      I have no birth
      I have no death