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Which relevant/important events currently unfolding around the world are being ignored by the media? Why are they relevant?

Open a newspaper or watch a newscast, and along with a couple of important news (say, Egypt and Tunisia) and a couple of surprising and insightful stories, you will read or hear a lot of irrelevant stuff. Yet world-changing and life-altering events are happening all the time around the world - just not where the media are focusing their lenses (I'm not suggesting active censorship here - just a structural problem in the way "news" is identified, selected and distributed). What are the events currently unfolding, anywhere in the world, of any kind, that are 1) underreported 2) regionally or globally truly relevant 3) may have a broad impact and 4) people should know about?


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    Mar 3 2011: I wish there was more media attention focused on climate change, and the consequential loss of animal life in the Antarctic. I keep thinking about Paul Nicklen and that amazing leopard seal, whose tenacious attempts to feed him her food is reminiscent of my mother. I was so moved by his passionate plea to help him get the word out about the plight of the polar bears and the leopard seals. I have actually been considering Paul's emotional invitation to join him in the Antarctic. If you knew me, you would be very surprised, as I moved from NYC several years ago to southern CA, to flee from the "frigid winters" there!
    Each time I tell a friend about the plight of the polar bears, they tell me that they had not known about this issue, which surprises me. Maybe you can assemble a media team to join you to help focus attention on this issue. By the way, I have wondered, as a temporary band-aid, would it possibly work to use strategically placed barges to act as small "icebergs" for the bears and seals?
    Thank you, Paul Nicklen, for sharing your powerful message with us,
    Robin Palmer
    Creator of MY WAKE UP CALLĀ®
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