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Education through the poker game

I know there are, worldwide, some efforts in this direction. Perhaps in the United States this is a worn subject. But here in Brazil the culture of this game is still very early, there is no initiative to teach poker to people who have no intention of going pro.

I would like to discuss here the benefits of using poker in formal school education. Poker is a very complex sport, that to be well played, requires use of statistics, probability, psychology to the interpretation of adverse actions, financial management and emotional control.

Taught with the right focus and based on a well planned pedagogy, seems to be an activity more constructive than, for example, the chess - long used in schools.

There was a high-level poker pro at TED, Rafe Furst, but not currently found his profile. He could give quality information on this subject.

I wonder also what can be negative in teaching poker in schools.

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    Jul 8 2011: Excellent idea !
    And no... knowledge is neutral. So anything negative came from using it is irrelevant to the learning process and to the knowledge itself. Let the hall warden worry about it !
    It is indeed an effective way to teach kids soft skill... hell it would work on adults too ! Especially now where risk management is such a hot topic.

    I'll raise ya 10 of my TED cred !
    *blowing cigar no smile*
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    Jul 26 2011: Thinking, that it is not propable, that your great idea will be piked up by the education system, I should learn poker so I can teach it my children one day.