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Shifting into a world of heart-centred living- A Consciouness Evolution

Times are changing and what was once of use, is now no longer of any worth. Old relationships, jobs, political systems, financial institutes amongst other things are crumbling. Man has woken up to his innate sense of power and is demanding change. This we see in the world around us and in our own lives where things that no longer fit are being discarded.
There is a shift in consciousness spreading around the world and this shift is happening at the very core of who we TRULY are...beyond the human.
We are moving away from a dark fear led world, a world based in separation and ego. We are moving into a world where unity consciousness is the norm.

  • Jul 12 2011: its not a good idea to wait for the whole world to change in ways you are expecting,...... expectations are just as limiting to your consciousness as desires and judgements.far better to spread your light into the lives of you family and friends and like minded people, and live wholeheartedly in accordance with your beliefs.....
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    Jul 8 2011: Absolutely.
    I too feel like we're drifting (I felt like "shifting" is a copyrighted term now... :D ) to a tipping point where the entire race is so sick and tired of what should have, could have and would have been done for a better life the humanism evolution is inevitable.
    Paul Hawken wrote a book about this.. : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1fiubmOqH4 and started www.wiserearth.org.
    Mark Huryt started a conversation here (http://www.ted.com/conversations/3893/how_can_we_develop_a_meme_that.html) about a meme to represent this shi... drift and it's sorta concluded to be :
    "For life"
    What do you think of it ?
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    Jul 19 2011: I would add the media to your rogue's gallery. Thankfully that too is crumbling as people begin to realise they have been taken for a ride by the likes of Murdoch and Son. The related, positive effects of a reformed media will be immense. The collective self-esteem of their readership can only get better, as what was formerly been seen by the newspapers and trashy magazines as dysfunctionally 'normal' will now become much more respectful and realistic about the human condition. Politics will also change for the better, as there will be a lot less fear around of Murdoch's omnipotence.