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  • Jul 8 2011: Really Austin? I have found most of the conversations on TED to be not very interesting. You see alot of conversations that are loaded questions like this gem, "Why do so many think that population growth is an important issue for the environment? Don't they know the facts of demographics." Now I am not disputing what the guy is saying, but these are not conversations, they are people on soap boxes.

    And if its not them than its the dude who asks, "Why is the Koran perfect and you are not?" you know the Iranian government guy I am talking about.

    Or its self affirming stuff like, " is sexism and racism dead?" which just allows the writer to shove facts in peoples faces.

    Does TED want true conversations are do they want alot of soapboxes, maybe I should pose that question.

    This will be the title of the conversation, "Doe TED want real conversations or a big soapbox for people to vomit out their opinions on everyone else? and if you think they do want conversations your wrong and here is why"

    ....just saying
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      Jul 10 2011: Drake, im following what you are saying so far, what conversation should we be having?
      • Jul 11 2011: I am thinking along this line. hypothetically of course, I am an expert in this area, for a long time people in my industry or expertise or science have not found an answer to problem x. Maybe someone who is taught in something entirely different can give a fresh perspective.I may have a biology quandry but maybe the architect out there has an idea derived from his/her expierence...

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