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I challenge you to share TED Conversations!

I challenge you to share TED Conversations with 5 of your friends, co-workers, or relatives this week. Imagine how much more intellectual diversity we can bring to this already diverse community within a matter of days! Let's bring in some new views, questions, and innovative ideas! Spread the word!

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    Jul 8 2011: Been doing that the last month bro...
    Must say interest is low, even with native language.

    How are you doing ?

    How's everybody else doing ?
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      Jul 8 2011: Same as you Judge. But longer.
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        Jul 8 2011: I set the time too short the first two.
        Now I got it right, nobody talk... hmmm.

        What would be a sticky topic ?
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          Jul 10 2011: Hi Judge, I struggle with the same question, and if we could get some ideas flowing, it would help us to move forward.
          what is it that motivates us to share our ideas on TED?
          for me its that there is a wide variety of topics, and every click will lead to another question and more answers, new insights into what we take for granted, the wonders of our universe and our intelligence as a species...
          But a lot of us are not concerned with these matters.
          So how do we start a new conversation, interesting enough that it will grab the attention of those who don't like to look at the big picture, or who are just not interested?

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