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Are we generally becoming more cynical and losing trust in each other?

Based on your own experience in family, social, and business life. Do you feel that we are becoming more cynical towards each others? And if so, how do you think we can gain trust in each others motives?

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    Jul 9 2011: Negativity has become a part of life. I used to have a facebook account but deleted it after browsing through my 'friends' status updates only to find that not one person had a positive thing to say. Social networking has given us the tool to complain about everything that happens in our lives and for others to share their references.
    Lets set up a system on these sites that allows us to rate a status as 'positive' or 'negative' and allow others to filter out those negative influences. I suggest my news feed would be near empty if such a filter existed!
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    Jul 8 2011: No. Communicate.
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    Aug 7 2011: When we stop caring, we stop trusting, we stop hoping. The paradox of caring or true love is you have to give it away in order to get it back.

    True love ignites, empowers and overcomes anything and everything, even cynicism or mistrust. http://Bit.Ly/KeyPower
  • Jul 13 2011: After having researched many branches of science, at some point in the future, I will write a book called, "Institutionalized Deceit--The HIstory of Modern Science". As a direct result of my research I have become a cynic
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    Jul 8 2011: Yes.
    Can't really help it now can we ?
    It's what sets the adults and kids apart.
    It's not a bad thing but like everything else if it is out of proportions of course it's a negative thing.