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Summarizing conversations - don´t let it fly away!!!

Hello, I opened this talk to share a simple idea I know you should have.
When you participate in an interesting conversation, where people really talk, it ends with maybe 50, 100 or more comments, and then it magically close, and nobody can add anything, so, my idea, is to rescue some of the topics you believe
could continue with a good discusion or that was through a good path, maybe yours, maybe from someone else, and open just another with a kind of principal ideas exposed, and a link to the previous closed, so, we could continue with the issue and maybe, why not, with a conclusion of activities to do, or more solid ideas to share.
I think some topics like these:

don´t need to be forgotten. This is in an intelligent, multicultural community, and
we know that more than free talking for half a month or a month could not be enough for some topics, and also we could start a friendship or a closer relation with people with our same interest if we could achieve a more fluid and
free conversation without this comments or time limits,

Just that!

  • Jul 14 2011: One thing I notice when I introduce people to TED via a talk that they would find interesting often ends after the first talk. I have come to realize the difference of the number of talks posted when I started watching talks (less than 200) and the surplus of talks now. It is harder to sort through things when there are so many choices. It is also going to spread thin the genius the more things to look through in conversations.
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    Jul 8 2011: Well... my take is the conversations are NOT meant to be references.
    They meant to be a spark, kickstarter, trigger.
    One argument for this is they are spontaneous, general and most likely time sensitive.

    Of course you can always link back to the closed conversation but I think it's far more effective and productive to just DO what's been said on the conversation.

    Perhaps others got different take on this ?
    • Jul 8 2011: For sure, I´m not talking about every topic here, but I think some of them are about atemporal or trascendent matters and not just spontaneous thoughts, and It´d be nice to capitalize the conclusions, create relationships, etc.