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Where do you think consciousness comes from?

Science can give answers to many things, but consciousness seems to be an unsolved mystery. Why do you think people have consciousness? Where does it come from? Do you think it can be created artificially? How?
You may answer based on anything you know, it does not have to be a proven fact. Thank you.


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  • Jul 30 2011: What agreat question ! I start from this perspective:

    In the beginning the was only let's say "The One". The one was conciousness itself, awareness of awareness. the I AM and the I AM being the Universe of Infinite Potential, the Field of all Possibilities. One might call this the singularity, or absolute perfection, all thing in perfect balance. What if that is all there ever was, is or will be? Then maybe we are just a single point of the universal conciousness manifest into this physical universe as bodys with minds and conciousness which we seem to have a dificult time searating or distinguishing the difference. It seems to me that we suffer in this physical life and universe from separation anxiety continuously being told of our uniqueness, when maybe the only thing that truly separates us is manifesting into this universe as a single point of view and not knowing that we are truly part of The One / The I AM.
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      Jul 31 2011: Well said C. Terry!
      I think we have a difficult time as humans because we don't remember that we are "one" or why we're here. Western cultures especially, have been distracted by materialistic life styles, which often prevents us from knowing our "self". I believe this is what people are searching for, and it's right there/here...in our consciousness:>)
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          Aug 3 2011: Hi Eric,
          1. Don't know for sure:>)
          2. I believe consciousness energy enters a body at the moment human life begins.
          3. I can share my experience for this one:>)
          I was unconscious in ICU after a near fatal head/brain injury and craniotomy. The body/brain was unconscious according to the medical model, and kept alive on life support systems.
          The only thing that was "switched off" for me, was my ability to communicate on a human level. That "feature", of my brain/computer was disabled because of the damage to the brain.
          On another level, I was MORE conscious of the big picture. I could see my body on the bed in ICU, and although it was not a pretty sight, I was detached from it emotionally. I could sense the thoughts and feelings of people in the room (an expanded sense of ESP/intuition), and I saw our world as a very small part of the whole. This life form is important while our consciousness energy is in the body, and there is more.
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          Aug 4 2011: 1. If consciousness is a property of matter then it has to be at the subatomic level. Therefore, rocks have potential consciousness because they are made out of atoms. However, the rock does not have a complex nervous system. It has no sensory systems at all that. So the potential for consciousness cannot be "activated." A rock is not alive, it cannot perceive, sense, think, experience or know. Therefore, it has no form of intelligence.

          2. Every cell of a foetus is made out of living cells that are making constant choices "yes to this, no to that". Therefore, consciousness is always within the foetus, and as the foetus develops the capacity to use its brain, its senses, its nervous system and body, the consciousness expands into the full potential available at any given moment. That full potential is defined by physics.

          3. When we go to sleep, we gradually shut down different parts of the brain like turning off groups of light switches in a large office building. But even when we are wide awake, we shut down parts of the brain. For example, when you are driving and suddenly realize you are almost home because you have been lost in thought while some other part of you drove the car (or washed the dishes etc).

          Parts of a person's brain have shut down in an unconscious person -- no two cases are identical. Our autonomic nervous system that keeps the heart and the respiration etc. is about as conscious as a fish or a plant. It can respond at a basic level (to light, for example) but it cannot perform an complex cognitive processes.

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