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Where do you think consciousness comes from?

Science can give answers to many things, but consciousness seems to be an unsolved mystery. Why do you think people have consciousness? Where does it come from? Do you think it can be created artificially? How?
You may answer based on anything you know, it does not have to be a proven fact. Thank you.


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    Jul 8 2011: this is my view:
    Nothing is Nothing
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      Jul 8 2011: You can't have something without nothing.
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        Jul 8 2011: Hi there Matt.
        I did not say consciousness comes out of nothing.
        I said nothing is nothing

        The meaning you derive from those words is completely subjective and no one can add or take away from your understanding of "nothing is nothing."

        That is where consciousness comes from.
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          Jul 9 2011: Yeah, I just replied to your statement because it made no sense to me. I apologize as anything from that point of view would be doomed to be irrelevant and exhaust more confusion.

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          Jul 9 2011: Moreover, where is it that you think "consciousness" comes from?
          Did you check out my post to that very important question by Farrukh Yakubov?
      • Jul 8 2011: Actually Matt, you can't have nothing without comparing it with something! Nothing is a relative term.
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          Jul 9 2011: Yes I agree.
          Obviously you did not realize we are saying the same thing. If I put the words Vise-versa after my statement than your argument would have, I think, never needed to be stated.


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