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Can one live their life without any negativity?

I frequently use the stumble feature on Google Chrome, which was how a found TED, and a very peculiar chart that I have shaped my whole life around these most recent months of my life.
The chart asked a simple question: Is there a problem in your life? From this branched two options: No and Yes. From the "No" option it said "Don't worry" and from the "Yes" option it proposed to whether you could fix the problem or not. It claimed that if your problem had a solution, then you should not fret or worry. If you had a problem that had no solution, do not fret as well, because there is simply nothing you can do. Here is the link to this life changing JPEG:

And with this gift of wisdom, I ask myself, my friends, my family; With this philosophy, can one live a worry, anger, and upset free life? Can one be the happiest person in the world by eliminating all negativity even though it may evidently be present in the eyes of others. And I say that this certainly has worked for me, and I ask the TED community, do you believe this to be possible for everyone?

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    Jul 7 2011: I believe that you can still be happy without sinking out the negativity in your life.Everything must be in balance.Ying and Yang.Of course you can't live without negativity but that's not a reason to live without positivity.
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    Jul 7 2011: John Lennon said it too:

    "There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be. It's easy."

    - All You Need Is Love.
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    Jul 8 2011: Life is full of opposites and good-bad or positive-negative are just 2 of those sets.
    At the end it always will come down what you prefer to see......the glass half full or half empty.
    The challenge often lies in figuring out whether a problem has a solution or not. Sometimes the answer might be obvious but often it's not. It also can happen, that what appears to be a problem (e.g. you lose your job), might actually turn out as something good (you are forced to look for a new job and actually find something better than the previous one).
    So, I think, this chart you mentioned, over simplifies real life.
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    Jul 7 2011: Would you agree that with every "bad" thing that happens, there is something "good" that comes out of it?
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      Jul 7 2011: There is always a possibility that out of something bad, nothing good comes out at all, but this is a thought given by some scholars so as we can take bad things with positive mind and can deal with it. All the motivating things are written to tackle and control our thoughts process. And it is not at all possible that a person lived always with all the positive thoughts, without any worries, but what makes somebody stronger, the way he takes it, and comes out of it. This attitude also helps a person in bigger setbacks of life, where the person has exmaple from his past, "I came out that time also, this time again, I will!" Just a thought, as I am also worried at the moment :)
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    Jul 7 2011: I think Negativiy is part of live. You have to live with it even if you dont want to live with it.
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    Jul 7 2011: It's been my motto for years, although a little negativity doesn't hurt sometimes it has benefits.
    "Do you want fries with that"

    Worrying does not accomplish anything, but human emotions are more than happy/sad. So eliminating worrying does not eliminate all "negativity"