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Having passion in your work is trainable. Being deeply passionate and driven is not. How does one pursue a deep desire to be doing more?

I am inspired by every person that contributes to TED. I would wager a guess that most of these people are deeply passionate about what they do. One could even say that they are living the dream - they are doing exactly drives them every day.

How can more of us achieve that - how does one get there?

- Are most of us not practical when we choose to become passionate about a career path or calling?
- Do some of us need to study longer to create the opportunity to become passionate about our career?
- How can we still follow our dreams in 2011, 2012 and beyond?
- Is the concept of following your dreams and doing more something of the past?

I consider myself lucky, I love what I do. I would like to be doing more in my community and with giving back. I feel I make contribution, but I could be doing more. How can I help others find passion in what they do and with where they are going?


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    Jul 7 2011: Kevin,
    I truly believe that you can earn a living doing whatever it is you are truly passionate about pursuing. However, it takes hard work and doesn't happen immediately. As for how to help others find passion in what they do, apply for a TEDx Salon license and host monthly gatherings of people to watch TED videos and foster deep discussions about things that matter!

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