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Don't gild the lily.

To gild refined gold
To paint the lily
To throw perfume on the violet...

Watching the Youtube link will help you understand, quite the work of art!

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    Jul 7 2011: Couldn't help posting this too:

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    Jul 7 2011: Often times, unfortunately, children are the first casualties of the "art" in gilding.
    This little girl is my embassadress of truth:
    • Jul 9 2011: She does call it like it is. A boy is going to have to gild a gilded lily to win her heart.
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        Jul 11 2011: Not if he's smart enough to realize that more gilding won't get him anywhere, on the other hand, honesty and charm go a long way.
        • Jul 11 2011: Hi Helena

          When or if you have found that guy; hold on tight. Right?
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        Jul 12 2011: Hi Stephen,
        Yes, it seems that kind of guy (and girl too!) are a rare species almost in extinction ,however, holding on tight to them sounds a bit desperate, don't you think? Kind of puts a lot of weight on them; maybe looking after the relationship, and of course after oneself, would be a better idea. But each to their own! :-)
        • Jul 12 2011: Hi Helena

          I guess I'm in a bad mood today and I know this is a debate site but does every single small comment need to be a debate?

          "Holding on tight" is commitment to one another, not desperation. Why is their high divorce rates(in the US) because people expect instant gratification and the fairy tale of being happy together all of the time. As soon as there is a bump in the road they quit on the vows they recited. Holding on tight means sticking through the hard times together. There is a reward for that in the waning years of life. Ask anyone who has been married for 70 years, don't take my word for it. so

          Hold on tight. NNTR
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          Jul 13 2011: Stephen, I feel that you're being unfair to Helena, you did put a question mark after your comment, that implies that you wanted a response...
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      G C

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      Jul 9 2011: Funny but what does a scene from Drop Dead Fred have to do with the Tim Minchin video?
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        Jul 11 2011: It's just an illustration of how children, in my opinion, are very vulnerable to absurd beliefs. I don't think I was that far off, but then again, I might have misinterpreted the subject of this conversation. Anyhow, I'm glad it was of entertainment.
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          Jul 11 2011: I don't think it's way off topic either, and every now and then that's okay!
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          G C

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          Jul 13 2011: I wasn't sure because the girl didn't buy the crap that her mom was feeding her so I didn't understand how it related to the Minchin video. I guess you're just showing that adults attempt to paint a prettier picture than reality does. I'm totally down with your assertion that children are susceptible to gilding and myth. I struggle with this because I have nieces and a nephew all under 3 and they are starting to ask questions that I want to answer honestly but since I'm not their parent I try to default to what I think my sisters would say. It's really tough though telling them that thunder is just angels bowling and other things like that. I wish people wouldn't have bullshit me like that because it just took me longer to find out the truth of the matter. I don't want to waste their time the way people wasted mine growing up but I also don't want to overstep my bounds.
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          Jul 13 2011: G C!?

          Your sister shouldn't lie to her children, especially not about things like thunder, to tell them that it's "angels bowling" seems like a most unnecessary lie! Tell them how it is and make them question things early in life. You may be making it a bit harder for your sister but maybe you need to tell her what thunder really is as well... For Christ's sake, THINK OF THE CHILDREN!
          You can't let people, even family, go around telling lies that they don't need to tell...

          It's one thing to lie to a three year old about what Hardcore porn is but thunder!?
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    Jul 6 2011: "Isn't it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?" -Douglas Adams
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    Jul 7 2011: Gilding the lily might just be a by product of having the power of thought. I would not want to live in a world without science, at the same time I can take a certain amount of pleasure in wild speculation. After all it's not like old Shakespeare did not gild a lily or 2 in his day.
  • Jul 6 2011: Tim is me but I don't sound nearly as cool. Maybe I need to carry around a stand up bass. I'm with her on the bit about knowledge just being opinion though but that's just my opinion. Loved the vid
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      Jul 7 2011: I think I just reply with a quote from this[1] documentary. :)

      "There are very few things in this world that aren't opinions. But there is a difference between normal opinions, and informed opinions. Some opinions have a higher quality than others."

      [1] http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/why-i-am-no-longer-a-christian/
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        Jul 7 2011: There was a conversation about opinions and their value some time ago... wish I had that quote then!
        • Jul 10 2011: Hi Jimmy

          I like what you offer so I want to invite you to my "Idea" 10 Million Human March"
      • Jul 8 2011: REALLY Kristofer; a 3.5 hr video????

        I found it absolutely amazing. I don't think I will ever waste my time arguing religion again. I am just going to lead people to that site. I've felt like he has for a long time, but he courageously did the legwork and I have not. He seems to be the real deal where I have just been spiting emotional responses. I definitely feel like The Fool.
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    Jul 6 2011: Thanks for sharing, I think I only like that video because I know people like that.
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    Jul 6 2011: I know that this topic is hard to understand, maybe this will help you! http://www.thefreedictionary.com/gild+the+lily