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Have you checked your Email?

Seriously, do it now if you haven't...
It should be full of TED notification messages!!

Lets celebrate!

Closing Statement from Jimmy Strobl

Most people did/have checked their Email.

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    Jul 6 2011: getting email notifications about upvotes boosts my ego
  • Jul 6 2011: Thanks Jimmy, this is great. I think I preferred when Thumbs Up were anonymous though - any one else feel this way?
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      Jul 6 2011: I really like being able to know who the thumbs up were from, it's just for your viewing anyway...

      And you do have different options on what you's like to know, could always disable the thumbs-up info. Just go to "My account"
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    Jul 7 2011: I think it's a neat addition.
    Though I shut it of for now.
    I do like to keep my email-box clean...

    But it is a nice addition to the conversation, especially if you wish to follow comments given by others...

    Isn't it in conflict with Chris' Charter?
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      Jul 7 2011: I was thinking about that as well... And I came to the conclusion that I simply don't care ^^
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    Jul 7 2011: Thumb it up! Sounds slightly blue..
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    Jul 6 2011: I'm going to bed now and I probably won't be back before this conversation closes (it shouldn't be open for more then a day). But the notification system has really increased my productivity by a factor of at least 5 on conversations.

    Also, because of the fast response that we're getting now it has greatly increased my "connected felling" so to say.

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    Jul 6 2011: I will not check. at least not now. If I check I will also see other emails as well waiting for my replies which will make me mourn not celebrate.
  • Jul 6 2011: I don't understand. Why celebrate? I was notified about something I already knew about.
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      Jul 6 2011: Once you have 5-10 pages of conversations that you're trying to keep up with, trying to remember if there were 267 or 266 comments on that conversation an hour ago cause you'd like to read them all, you'll get the point! ;P
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        Jul 6 2011: I got your point! :)
      • Jul 6 2011: Thanks Jimmy; It's clear now. Just popped a bottle of Prosecco..... Let the celebrations begin. ; )