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So just wondering but since Einstein was proven wrong by Jacob Barnett what else was he wrong about?

I am just really interested in trying to understand the theories of Einstein by asking questions and having good conversation. I am interested in Jacobs incredible mind and how he was able to figure out the contradictions to Einsteins theories.

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    Jul 6 2011: i could not find reliable sources about the kid, so i would not comment that. but how the media reports his "findings" is bad science (bs for short).

    1. a physical theory can not be falsified by math and thought experiments. the general theory of relativity is a model that is consistent with itself. it describes a world that is or is not the reality. it can only be proven or rejected by actual experiments that contradicts with the predictions of the model.

    2. the general theory of relativity is already proven false by experimental data. in fact, it was proven wrong at the time of its creation. because it can't explain the quantum phenomenon. so we already know that the GTR is only an approximation that holds only in the macro world, and fails in the micro world. but we also know that it is a very good approximation of the macro world.
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    Jul 6 2011: The media doesn't understand science. You don't just prove things wrong at the click of a finger. If he has an alternative hypothesis that's founded on some solid maths, it still has to be demonstrated through experiment and all that. Just because he's so incredibly smart for a 12 year old, doesn't mean he can just crap all over the scientific methodology. If that actually happened, we would have rejected quantum mechanics out of awe of Enstein's rejection of it. Science is not a IQ contest.
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      Jul 7 2011: Weird, I thought that I was all out of thumbs-up for you...
      Anyway just checked a bit about the kid and as usual I agree with you!

      Sarah, if you wish to learn about Einsteins theories you first need to ask "How was he right" not "What was he wrong about"
      And don't elevate anyone to all-knowing or deity (I have a feeling that's how you feel about Jacob).
      Also, I don't think Eisenstein's IQ was ever tested... And IQ is just IQ not a measure of "intelligence".
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      Jul 7 2011: I agree with what you are saying. I was just asking a random question that came to my mind. That's interesting. I will look into that. Thank you.
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        Jul 7 2011: You don't need to defend your question Sarah, It's an engaging question that is making you (and us) learn. If you browse some of the other conversations you'll find that your is relatively a good one!

        P.S. Never apologize for not knowing, instead view it as an opportunity to learn!
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          Jul 7 2011: Alright thank you very much. I will keep that in mind from now on. It's good to learn new things and not be narrow. I am grateful for this opportunity for sure. This website has opened up lots of doors for me.

          I'm glad you like this conversation. I found it interesting that the media would label him smarter than Einstein in the first place.

          That's very good advice. I will never forget that.
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    Jul 6 2011: Don't know much about what Jacob Barnett did. Even if he correctly proved Einstein to be wrong it proves science is science, nothing is constant here.
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      Jul 7 2011: Alright well that's great to know!!! I like learning if things are false or not. You never know with social media!
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        Jul 8 2011: Sarah , I am also learning everyday, as in this case from your post could learn about Jacob.

        @Krisztian has given a very good answer about Einstein's theories. In science straight forward ultimate true / false is not there always as its a dynamically evolving subject.

        Moreover could learn from Matthieu's post that's it a media hype..... which I agree can be the most probable in this particular case.

        Many years back , once I met an editor of a so called very popularly known authentic Newspaper of my country with which I was disappointed with some of their report on economics , healthcare, science, even business etc which were flawed and any informed people of those subjects can understand that , where mass can get easily confused or convinced.

        So asked whether he has specialist journalists to cover such special subjects. He was not comfortable to answer , just told me a Journalism is a speciality itself, why they need to a specialist of any subject? My debate was long with him.............

        Since then I am very cautious about something coming in media...
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        Jul 12 2011: Sarah,

        Did you find about about Jacob hrough social media? What was circulated, do you recall? Wa the source someone yo usuall find credible and reliable?

        What do you think now about Jacob? Have you shared that with the source of any info you reived via social media?
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    Jul 6 2011: There is a greate story or rather a joke about him and sience in general.

    A student comes to prof. Einstein and complains: "The questions in this test are all the same as last year."

    Einstein nods and sais: "Yes, but the answers have changed."

    I think this could give rise to thoughts which might help answere your question
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      Jul 7 2011: Hhaha thanks that's funny. That does help answer my question. Thank you for your comment.
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    Jul 7 2011: Never heard of Jacob before but I am a science junkie..a math junkie

    12 year old savant Jacob's scimetific inisghts have ,not suprisingly, been picked apart.but .there has indeed been discussion in the scientific community that the speed of light may not be a cosmologocal constant but something that has varied over time..faster at the beginning and slower now. There was a briefly flutter over an actual measurement that seemed at first to be the "proof" but it did not hold up in replication.

    My sense is we are not totally finished with the idea that the speed of light has been constant for all time.

    I am not expert enough to comment on his reasoning which has to do with the fact that light bends. he's only 12. Who knows what we might learn from this very gifted person

    .Savants like Jacob ( who is apparently a math wizard) use the part s of their brains where their gifts reside to a much higher level that the rest of us can achieve. I don;t think we should out of hand dismiss what is offered by a savant simply because he is a savant'.
  • J Ali

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    Jul 7 2011:

    Interesting Article.....
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    Jul 6 2011: The cosmological constant... He said that it was the greatest mistake of his life...
    He also didn't believe in quantum physics...

    We just had a bit about this (off topic) on a conversation of mine...

    I think Einstein was right about many things but It's likely that he was wrong about more, maybe not so many scientific thing though but don't put him on a shelf of "all-knowing"
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      Jul 7 2011: I have always believed Einstein "just knew everything." Those are cool facts about him and that completely helps answer my question more!! Thanks a ton.
  • Jul 16 2011: Hi Sarah,

    You might check Abraham Pais, '"Subtle is the Lord...' The Science and the Life of ALBERT EINSTEIN", p. 467. Einstein stated, "In that case, NOTHING remains of my entire castle in the ar, gravitation included and the rest of modern physics."

    "Einstein's Greatest Blunder?: The Cosmologic Constant and Other Fudge Factors ini the Physics of the Universe" by Donald Goldsmith With respect to the Cosmologic Constant, Einstein swore he was wrong when he might have been right.

    "Einstein's Greatest Mistake The Abandonment of the Aether" by Sid Deutsch

    "Refuting Einstein in 4 Easy Steps: Physicists Measure Brownian Motion". Discover Magazine. Einstein claimed that you could never measure Brownian Motion.

    "Astrophysics at the Galactic Center of the Universe Appears to Counter the Gravitational Light Bending Rule of General Relativity" by Ed Dowdye He showed that there is no gravitational lensing as required by general relativity.

    "The First Test That Proves General Relativity Wrong" Softpedia The 'gravitomagnetic' field was measured to be 100 million trillion X as strong as predicted by Einstein.
  • Jul 13 2011: You might read Ohanian's book called, "Einstein's Mistakes: The Human Failings of Genius".
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      Jul 13 2011: Checked it out..I see that O'Hanian, like you, Richard, seems to enjoy discrediting Einstein

      Not sure what that is all about but all reviewers of this book at Amazon say, more or less, that its an assemblage of facts gathered to argue in support of the authors determined bias to bring Einsrein down a peg or two, as you yourself do in your own work

      .It is always interesting to learn about the creative process, the deliberative process, the process or discovery and works that contribute to that understanding are always valuable. And then of course, it is imporatnt to remember that in science and medicine every advance is incomplete in its insights about the natural world.

      Every advance provides a spring board from which to move forward. It's flaws and imperfetions are portals of discovery ( as one reviewer noted quoting James Joyce). To think of them only as mistakes or flaws misses much that is of value in improving our scientific method..
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      Jul 13 2011: Yeah Richard, you shouldn't criticize Einstein! ;P
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        Jul 13 2011: Jimmy

        ,I am a big believer that we should each use all of our energies at the highest possible level to the highest and best use, for our own emanation, for service to humanity.

        Negativism, debunking, mockery is not a very fruitful will never contribute much that serves life, that serves humanity.

        Thinking and rhetoric that is constantly critical,. constantly directed at cutting any indovdiual or class of indivdals down to size is about ego, control, assertion of otherwords, from a place of impairment , severe impairment.
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          Jul 13 2011: Yeah, Lindsay.... I think that you and I are in disagreement on most things, the more I read the more distanced I feel from you...

          Edit: please state any large edit so that the response to those comment's won't seem entirely out of place!
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        Jul 13 2011: That's interesting, Jimmy,..that you feel distanced from the idea that negativism is ego driven and a waste of human energy.. you think egoism and negativisim contribute to life? contribute to humanity??? are useful and valuable expenditures of energy????? hmmmmm....

        .My edits are always for typos ( of which I have many..neural problems in both hands): I think I was in the process of still writing the post you responded to this morning..I view most of my posts 3 to 6 times in the process of writing. I think you happened to respond in the middle of that.would your comment have changed?

        You can always add an edit. if that is the case.
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          Jul 13 2011: I feel distanced from what I see as bending information or comments much like some (specific) university professors do...
          I responded first to "Another one of your debunking posts about Einstein?" - I would not have made a comment like "Yeah Richard, you shouldn't criticize Einstein! ;P" to the whole thing that you've edited it to...
          There is spell correction in web browsers as well, just Google it and you'll find some Lindsay.

          Still I feel that

          "Checked it out..I see that O'Hanian, like you, seems to enjoy discrediting Einstein. Not sure what that is all about but all reviewers of this book at amazon say, more or less, that its an asemblage of facts gathered to argue in support of the authros determined bias to bring Einsrein down a peg or two, as you yourself do in your own work.

          It is always interesting to learn about the creative process, the deliberative process, the process or discovery and works that contribute to thta understanding are always valuable.

          And then of coures, it is importnat to remember that in science and medicine every advance is incomplete in its insights about the natural world. It provides a spring borad from which to move forwards. It's flaws and imperfetions are portals of dicovery ( as one reviewer noted quoting James Joyce). To think of them only as mistakes or flaws misses much that s of value in imporving our scientific method.."

          is a bit more then correcting the spelling of

          "Another one of your debunking posts about Einstein?"
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        Jul 13 2011: Yes, you are right Jimmy..that is what I had put initially..I decided that is not the standard I like to keep and encourage and so actually took the time to read about the O'Hanian book Richard Moody had suggested and to speak to what I had found about that.

        The redo took four or five re submits..I saw your post aftre the second, I think. at that time it said "less than five minutes ago"

        I would consider it a real breech of TED etiquette to substantially chnage text that alreday had a posted reply..on one ocasion..I edited via an EDIT label for the new text..

        Again your focus on this points to a very different thought process. My goal at TED Conversations is to build an intelligent and worth while archival record and to try to build the conversation toward something resembling the kind of TED "Global Conversation" that was envioned when we were all given this amzing opportunity. It is not baout social networking or making friends.

        Thanks for the tip on google spell check..that may help me alot.
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    Jul 12 2011: Hi Sarah

    Conversations often stagnate like this... did you get the answers you were looking for?
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      Jul 12 2011: Yes I did. Some people don't agree with the answer I found but I think it was the best solution to make sense to me. Thank you Jimmy! :)
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        Jul 12 2011: You're welcome, I'm glad!

        There are always people at TED who don't agree with things, the only thing you can do is to try to listen to all and make the best conclusion. I'm glad to see that you've wandered off to other conversations! ^^
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          Jul 12 2011: Well I'm glad that we all don't agree. I like a good conversation! :) Haha yes I have. My next debate/question is so different and weird though. I just like asking questions that are sci fi like and unrealistic almost I suppose. Challenge what seems impossible. There are so many interesting conversations on here though. If you ever find one that is really interesting just email me!
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        Jul 12 2011: Oh Sarah, Sarah... "If you ever find one..."
        I want you too look back at this comment later in life ;D

        Edit: Hope you get what I mean...
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          Jul 12 2011: Ha I'm not that bright but I do think I know what you mean.
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        Jul 12 2011: ^^
        You don't have to keep telling lies you know! "I'm not that bright"
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        Jul 12 2011: You seem bright enough to take different opinions into account and make a conclusion from them, that is more then I can say for some University teachers here at TED.
        I'm also saying this to break the "stupid is cool" trend that seems to be everywhere. Now i'm not saying that you're "trying to be cool" or anything but please don't diminish yourself.
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          Jul 12 2011: Well thank you. That's very nice of you to say. Everyone see's things so differently you just never know if your comments or views will be taken in a different form than what you originally stated.
          I have sort of noticed that trend but not too much. Just more naive than anything.
          I will try to not diminish myself anymore.
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    Jul 7 2011: Also Sarah, I'd like to welcome you to your first conversation as I see it! :D
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      Jul 7 2011: Thank you very much Jimmy! I appreciate it. I'm having fun with this one. I did not think it'd attract this much attention. I thought it was to minor a question. I don't have a college degree yet or anything but I do have questions about the world. It's great to have this website to ask people what they think. :)
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        Jul 7 2011: Here at TED you don't need to feel bad about the degree of your education, you're now a part of our school ;P
        The most important thing here is character, simply be nice and respectful (as you are).
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          Jul 7 2011: True that. It's good to be respectful everywhere. I like this school! It's very accepting and understanding. I am enjoying hearing peoples opinions and learning new facts.
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    Jul 7 2011: Hey guys on this question I'm not trying to say that Jacob is 100% right or anything. I just thought it would be an interesting discussion piece. I have enjoyed each of your comments and like your views on this. I am really neutral about the whole thing. I am just interested in how ones mind can be so developed.
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    Jul 6 2011: Who is Jacob Barnett by the way?