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I have come up with a new argument for abortion, and I was wondering if anyone would rebut it for me. I am defining morality as whatever is best for society (feel free to take issue with this too).
The argument against abortion compares it to murder, so this argument will explore the differences between abortions and murder. There are three main reasons that murder is immoral:
1. The dead person's contribution to society: most people contribute to society, so killing a random person will eliminate their further contributions and be bad for society.
2. A general sense of security: if the law allows anyone to kill anyone, people will be scared and waste time defending themselves, decreasing productivity, and being bad for society.
3. Interpersonal connections: a person builds connections in their life, and killing one person will have damaging effects on those that they have made connections with.
Now it will be explained how abortion is different in these three points.
1. The never to be born person's contribution to society: although it is likely the person would have contributed had they been alive, it is possible they would have had a negative contribution had they been a criminal. However, not allowing them to be born means a definite contribution to society by reducing the population, and contributing to stem cell research (although the second one will not be always be a contribution, when research is no longer needed).
2. A general sense of security: if only non-self aware fetuses are killed, then the people who would have been affected by a lack of security are not threatened, and do not lose their sense of security.
3. Interpersonal connections: the only people that are connected to the fetus are the ones who have decided that their need to get pregnant is more important to them than their want to keep their child alive, meaning that it is probably better for them for the child to die than to survive.


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    Jul 8 2011: All the laws in our society are customized to human selfish motives. I am strongly against abortion, can someone please explain us the difference between aborting a 7 month old baby who is in mothers womb and a killing a 7 month old prematurely born baby who has just spent 30 seconds in this world, the first one will qualify as abortion and second one will be a murder why so? Because humans have the selfish motives to serve vested interest, its high time we change the rules of the game across the globe.
    • Jul 8 2011: To say that "All the laws in our society are customized to human selfish motives" is a bit simplistic in my view. However, you have a completely valid argument regarding abortion Kunal. Even though your comment is far from politically correct, I believe you hit this issue right on the head. The issue is about human value. There are those that believe it is intrinsic, while others believe it is simply relative, and determined by others.
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        Jul 11 2011: Thanks Jim, but I always believe that thought experiments’ should focus more on generals which affect life of millions and not on exceptions to prove a particular point.
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        Jul 12 2011: Jim, if you see the breakup of reasons given by women for aborting the child your reason doesn’t feature in the top 90%, your thought experiment would only cover 2.8% of women which abort the child for her health related issues whereas majority abort as they want to postpone childbearing.

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