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A vision of the future for the elderly

I would like to know how this community envisions the future for the elderly. I'm asking this more in the context of North America, but also in the general global context.

Is the "old age home" the best model moving forward? Can we develop something better?

I would also like to know how can we nurture a sense of meaning, purpose, and social contribution in the lives of the elderly? I think online communication will be a key factor here.

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    Jul 5 2011: I wonder how much more efficient home based care could become with proper organization. If started early scheduled and intermittent visits, independence could be fostered into old age. The home setting would allow participating family members to become involved. If as much effort and resources were put into establishing and preserving an supportive elderly community as there is in elderly homes there could be an extended quality of life.
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    Jul 8 2011: I really think whatever it is it has to come from them.
    I mean.. I don't know... some probably looking forward to "not making sense", "having no purpose" and "no social pressure" kind of... you know... retirement.
    I mean.. I would.
    Mua ha ha ahahahhahaaaaa