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What if all the governments are united and follow the single rules and constitutional system ?????

All the nations in the world have their own constitutional system and their own rights. Hence, the process of developing a country is slow.My idea is -"A new constitutional system must be organised by compiling all the best rules in all the nation's respective constitutions.This constitutional rule must be followed by everyone all over the world.There must be a single president and a follow up team to govern the actions of every country all over the world.This system is similar like the national and state governments.The world must have a single president and he must be elected by presidents of each country.The main thing is the president of each country must be elected by their people.


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    Jul 9 2011: A good idea but who would decide which rules are the best from each constitution? I'm sure that evry country (the leaders atleast) believe that their rules are the best to live by so would it not be nearly impossible to persuade them otherwise?
    • Jul 10 2011: The people of each country must elect their committee in the world president's cabinet.The world president will also be elected by the people all over the world.The committee will set the rules and if a rule is unsatisfactory for the people then the rule will not be implemented or some modifications will be done.Thus the government rests in the hand of people.

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