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How does your life differ from your childhood predictions?

When we're young, we make grand assumptions about what we're going to be when we're older. Some of us end up carrying out these great plans and end up doing great things, but many of us change drastically and end up living a life we never thought we would. What was your childhood vision of yourself in the future? How differently did your life end up playing out?

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    Jul 5 2011: Completely different and exactly what I dreamed. I let myself down many times and yet I have ended up doing something I always wanted to do and be and I never felt like I deliberately set myself on that path. Or did I..?
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    Jul 5 2011: Career wise I was lucky enough to go into what I always wanted. Though in other areas I have been disappointed. I always wanted to live on the moon with an alien girlfriend and a robot butler. Hey ho, can't have everything I suppose.
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    Jul 7 2011: First I was impressed by the work of librarians and want to be one.
    Much later, after Asimov and O.S. Card showed me Trantor's Imperial Library, with those wonderful indexers, I wanted to be an indexer...
    But Google occupied this job.
    So now I'm an infosec pro and TED volunteer translator, happy to be part of these conversations :-)
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    Jul 5 2011: Josh, the dreams remains similar, the current reality provides all the means and the answers.