Jason Liu

Technical Manager, STATE GRID Corporation of China

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Do you want work in motherland or abroad, if you can select the same position in any country

if you have a free choice, can select the same position in any country abroad, do you want to work there? for 3 years?

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    Jul 6 2011: Jason, Everybody likes intial changes and new things around them, but over a period of time, if you were successful in adapting yourself in new culture and among new people, and you made some friends whom you can compare with your school buddies, You will not feel like going back. But sometimes when you may face several cultural or emotional setbacks from some people who feel and believe, that a perticular country is their land first and after that yours, You will definitely miss your home. Well I have been to your place Beijing, and I didn't feel like returning back, but I had to as my Visa expired.
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      Jul 7 2011: that's why I think the best time in abroad is:
      - first time
      - can travel between motherland and abroad freqently, but not stay in one place for N years
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    Jul 6 2011: I will try abroad. Just for one time. To see different people with different working styles & to bring their good ideas to my motherland.
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      Jul 6 2011: I am very excited when I worked abroad first time(In France), for about 1 year ntermittently, it's really a nice excperience, because it's the first time, everything is fresh, and I can come back motherland every 1 month.
      I enjoy such work type.

      If let me stay in a unknown country for 2 or 3 years without any holiday in motherland, it's a really hard time.
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    Jul 5 2011: If same position is equivalent regardless of country , then it's "Home home sweet home".

    At least in business world same position is not same everywhere, something like all country presidents are president does it mean everyone is same?
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      Jul 6 2011: Home, is really my most concern, that's why I bring out such a question.
      If I go abroad, I think I will take my wife together.
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    Jul 5 2011: Jason, abroad looks like a good option. Other cultures can strengthen your own and expand your horizons.
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    Jul 5 2011: Abroad.
    Grass WILL ALWAYS be greener from the other side.
    What can I say ? I'm weak.
    On a more serious note... if you're aiming for patriotism the question is irrelevant.
    *wicked smile*
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      Jul 6 2011: my question have no relation with patriotism ;-)
      It sounds resonable that "grass will be greener from the other side"
      when working in abroad, the motherland should be the "GRASS"....
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        Jul 6 2011: I doubt it...
        It's like meeting a person and conclude she's the nicest girl. But have you met everybody ?
        LIkewise... motherland will be greener if you've been TAVELLING abroad and every place is worse than home. Since you grew up in it, psychologically...will be very hard to talk yourself into admiting it IS the grass.
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    Jul 5 2011: Home is where the heart is
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      Jul 5 2011: yes, a good comment, agree with you