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Is open-source governance a viable model?

Open-source governance, direct democracy, e-participation... there are several concepts that tackle the need for citizens to take charge of their own destiny. Is this what we should all aim for?


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    Jul 18 2011: I don't believe this, few years ago, I came up with an idea, to eliminatiing governments, and to have a random, citizen for each meeting, the contact is via SMSs-like device we invent (I don't think this is big deall)
    meetings' time will be known, every citizen will vote at the time of the meeting
    no need for presidency at all, and transparency is at its maximum
    • Jul 18 2011: I believe what you describe is largely covered by the concept of "direct democracy", where citizens are given the means (through Internet or other technologic solutions) to get directly involved in the decision-making processes impacting their lives, for policy-making or referendum-type engagements for instance. Still, when all is agreed and defined, someone needs to do something with it, execute it, organize it, coordinate it, ensure compliance, etc. Whith no government, would would do that?

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