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What makes the passionate TED listener become a change agent? What makes you stand up and take action?

There is a wealth of ideas and role models displayed in many many TEDTalks. Often does the Talk generate energy and inspiration. In your experience, has that energy turned into tangible change? What triggered it?

Topics: leading change

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    Jul 7 2011: I think the fact you see in these videos that, you dont need to be someone very outstanding to affect a change in the current situation and also the fact that all it takes is concise, calculated effort than any inborn talent.

    Not to mention the sheer motivations these talks provide.
    • Jul 7 2011: Fully agree, certainly a perspective that is dear to me... "Be a change agent, one day at a time!". And by the way, when you achieve this consistently, chances are you are regarded as an "outstanding" person.

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